Anti-Christian Hostility

The Media Trashes the Pences’ Church For … Being a Christian Church

Rob Scharzwalder

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"And pray for those who, in their ignorance and agenda-driven hardness, mistake love for God for hatred of people. How sad. How very, very sad."

The Coming Test Acts Will Challenge Religious Freedom

Michael Brendan Dougherty

"And the pressure they bring to bear will be a major test of faith for Christians.

"Think of a country where leading politicians question whether members of a long-established religious minority are fit for public office. Or where the head of state attacks the legal protections that allow minority religions to choose their own leaders without state interference. Think of that country’s press, which has deep ideological and financial affinities with the ruling class’s prejudice, whipping up scare stories about that minority’s schools. ... all of these are recent examples of American secularism. And if news of recent weeks is any indication, the pace is only going to pick up."


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As Religious Separation Increases, Religious Bigotry Will Abound

David French

"The United States is transitioning into large-scale secular and sacred enclaves. Thus, secular elites who express scorn or disdain for orthodox Christian religious faith and practice aren’t disconnected from popular will. They’re expressing popular will."

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"Reversing the cultural decline of Christianity would do more to preserve religious freedom than any conceivable Supreme Court case."

On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision

William Lane Craig

On Guard is a great entry level apologetics book that discusses all of the classical apologetics arguments and topics by one of the top Christian thinkers of our day, Dr. William Lane Craig.

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Islam: Part 1

Alan Shlemon

This is the first part of a two part lecture on Islam by Alan Shlemon. Part one discusses the differences between current portrayals of Islam and the original Islam, Muslim demographics, authoritative sources in Islam, and violence in Islam.