Anti-Christian Hostility

Spiritual Leaders Agree: The Church Isn’t Ready for What We’re Facing Today

Tom Gilson
I’ve sat down with half a dozen pastoral leaders lately, asking them about churches’ readiness to face the new challenges in our fast-changing culture. These were all regional leaders, not all in the same denomination, but representing several hundred churches through the pastors they in turn lead. Every one of them shook his head soberly and said, “We’re not ready.” And what’s true for their churches is also undoubtedly true for Christians across America.

Using Sex Abuse to Burn Down the Church

Dwight Longenecker

Could anti-Christian persecution flare up in the USA? There are troubling signs that leftist activists have Christians in their crosshairs.... Priestly sexual abuse is a real issue. But it also feeds the flames of anti-Catholic emotions. An atmosphere of suppressed rage and fear develops. With every release of the names of yet more abusing priests and bishops it becomes easier to cast all Catholic clergy as depraved monsters.... The temperature is not only increasing for Catholics. All those who hold traditional Christian views are targets. In light of sex scandals, progressives find it all too easy to launch self righteous tirades. They damn Christianity as insufferably patriarchal, out of touch and archaic, but also discriminatory, dysfunctional, abusive and dangerous.

When being a Christian isn’t “decent” anymore

Denny Burk

"I woke up this morning to a troubling Op-Ed in The Washington Post by Cynthia Nixon. The entire article is a call for an end to civility toward anyone who holds Christian convictions about sexuality. In particular, the essay responds to the fact that former Vice-President Joe Biden recently referred to current Vice-President Mike Pence as a “decent man.” Nixon unloads on Biden for this flash of tolerance and civility, arguing that Mike Pence’s Christian convictions about sexuality are worthy of the severest public outrage and opprobrium."

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