Spiritual Formation

Has Science Buried God? John Lennox at Rice University

John Lennox

In this lecture, Dr. John Lennox discusses how science and God are not at all competing explanations of the universe, but rather that God and science put together allow us to have a more complete understanding of the universe than we could ever hope to get with science alone.

more keywords: intelligent design, philosophy of science, god of the gaps

Greg Koukl - The New Atheists: Old Arguments New Attitude

Greg Koukl

This lecture by Greg Koukl is a great guide for navigating the arguments of the New Atheists. Their books have become extremely popular, and many of their followers use their arguments and strategies to promote hostile attitudes towards religion. Greg Koukl picks apart the way the New Atheists think, thus removing any fear we might have when reading their books or talking with their followers.


Dear Christians: It’s no longer enough to work hard, raise a family, and hope to be left alone

Jonathon Van Maren

Quoting from the article:

Which brings us to our present unpleasant realization that from a cultural perspective, the traditionalists and conservatives have been thoroughly beaten in the war for the culture. For the most part, we never even showed up. We raised families, built farms and businesses, and attended church functions while secular revolutionaries took over the entertainment industry, the media, academia—and finally, the public education system that now dutifully serves as a conduit for secular “values.” Prayer is out, queer theory is in, and many a middle-aged conservative has found occasion recently to splutter his coffee and gape at his newspaper: “How did things change so fast?”


Christians have taken the conservative route of keeping to themselves, being responsible in home, church, and community, and leaving activism to the liberals. But Christianity is no longer status quo. If we want to preserve its influence we must stand for it. Apathy is no longer a viable option.

Why Apologetics?

Tim Barnett

Why apologetics? Well, the Bible commands it, the culture demands it, the Church needs it, and the results confirm it. Taken individually, each reason should motivate us to engage in apologetics. However, taken all together, these provide a powerful apologetic for apologetics.

Church, Wake Up! A Call to Action

Tom Gilson

The Western world is veering dangerously toward totalitarianism. It’s marked by anti-Christian hostility, which means persecution, which already exists in pockets, is likely to riae and become widespread. Hue he’s need to see this as an alarm call, yet respond in hope, truth and joy. They also need to develop Ian intentional strategy of prayer, teaching acts of love, and providing answers.

19 Essential Apologetics Verses Every Christian Must Know

Erik Manning

Sometimes you gotta make an apologetic for apologetics.  Often well-meaning Christians spout off pious-sounding platitudes like “faith isn’t based on reason, that’s why it’s called faith”, or “God doesn’t need us to defend him, just preach the gospel.” That sounds spiritual, but it isn’t biblical. That’s not the way Jesus operated, and that’s not the way the early church operated either.

Here I list some verses and various passages that demonstrate that apologetics is one of the most biblical and spiritual things you can be involved in:

Why Persecution?

Joe Dallas

"If at some point the Church in these quarters really does find Herself persecuted, literally and aggressively, let it be for righteousness sake. Let it be because we were unwavering, loving God enough to let ourselves be conformed to His ways, and loving our neighbors enough to invite them to join us in the effort. 

"No one playing with a full deck wants persecution. But no one running the race as it’s meant to be run can avoid it. If and when it comes, may it come because we lived, according to and empowered by, God’s grace. 

"Then may we, with all our hearts, respond to it with that same 
amazing grace."

New Age Beliefs Are Common in America—and in Our Churches

Joe Carter

Pastors will need to play a role in shoring up…those they are called to shepherd. But there is another group that can help take some of the weight off our already overly burdened ministers: lay apologists. Lay apologists are Christians not already in full-time or paid ministry, but have the interest and equipping to carry out the task of apologetics. As a former lay apologist myself, I know how capable they are of carrying out this task. Unfortunately, too many of them are wasting their talents in endless debates with internet-based atheists. If you’re a lay apologist, I hope you’ll heed this call: This church needs your skills and training.