Spiritual Formation

Ready to Move with the Gospel of Peace

John Piper

So let's think for a few minutes about this readiness as part of the whole armor of God. Verses 11–12 say, "Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places."

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Spiritual Leaders Agree: The Church Isn’t Ready for What We’re Facing Today

Tom Gilson
I’ve sat down with half a dozen pastoral leaders lately, asking them about churches’ readiness to face the new challenges in our fast-changing culture. These were all regional leaders, not all in the same denomination, but representing several hundred churches through the pastors they in turn lead. Every one of them shook his head soberly and said, “We’re not ready.” And what’s true for their churches is also undoubtedly true for Christians across America.

The Tragedy of the Dumb Church

Robin Schumacher

much of the Church today is dumb. Don’t misunderstand me, I mean no disrespect when I use the term ‘dumb’. What I mean is that the Church is dumb in that they aren’t well educated in what they believe, fail miserably in fulfilling 1 Peter 3:15 that says all Christians should be prepared to give a reason for why they believe, and are woefully unable to handle any challenge to Christianity that comes from unbelievers or the cults.

5 Reasons Christians Should Study Apologetics

David Wilber

The reason most believers neglect apologetics, however, is not that they believe it to be unprofitable. They neglect it simply because it isn’t emphasized in their congregations for one reason or another. Learning why faith in God is reasonable and why we can trust the Bible as reliable isn’t given a place within discipleship. As a result, the body of Messiah suffers and is less effective in fulfilling our mission as image bearers for God.

As Religious Separation Increases, Religious Bigotry Will Abound

David French

"The United States is transitioning into large-scale secular and sacred enclaves. Thus, secular elites who express scorn or disdain for orthodox Christian religious faith and practice aren’t disconnected from popular will. They’re expressing popular will."

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"Reversing the cultural decline of Christianity would do more to preserve religious freedom than any conceivable Supreme Court case."

Research Report: What Motivates Interest In Apologetics?

Tom Gilson

Apologists have often asked how we can “get more apologetics in the Church.” Typically we’ve pursued the question as a matter of “give them the resources and they’ll find out they like it.” Even worse, we’ve treated it as if we could argue people into liking argument. In reality, though, it’s not an apologetics question, it’s a motivation issue.

Using a motivational/social science approach, drawing a sample from apologetics Facebook groups, Ratio Christi, and elsewhere, the current research explores motivations that have sparked interest in people who have an interest in apologetics. Findings show that the best predictors of that interest are 

  • An intellectual bent
  • Serious questions
  • Access to answers
  • In a relationally supportive environment

Church and prior biblical convictions had surprisingly little effect in motivating persons' interest in apologetics.