Growing Up Christian in Secular America

Summary or Keywords

"Christians have yet to fully assess the pressures of growing up in a pluralistic society. We are not sure what do with the feelings we have. The doubts that fill our hearts seem unsettling at best and horrific and unspeakable at worst. For many young Christians, an open ear does not exist, and the church has been of little help. Young people are not sure what to do or where to go. This has left me wondering: have we unknowingly aided our youth in their secularizing flight from God? If so, what can we do?"

Pluralism, questions, answers

Timothy W. Massaro
Spiritual Formation
Ministry Strategy
Anti-Christian Hostility
Resource Type
Text-Based Resource
Minimum Familiarity Level
Groups that would be especially interested in this resource
Early Teen Years
Later Teen Years
College Students

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