The Knowledge Base and Resource Library

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This library is being built by volunteers for two primary purposes:

  1. It can serve at any time as a curated search engine for spiritual readiness resources: church strategies, apologetics and worldview resources, state of the church, faith and culture, etc., at levels from introductory to scholarly.
    “Curation” means resources are human-selected for their quality, their relevance, and especially their adherence to Christian truth.

  2. Major social media providers are not showing themselves especially friendly to Christian messages on controversial topics. This includes Google. We’re building this library as an alternate Christian information center in case access through standard means gets blocked even further.

We need help doing this selection work, to build the library as quickly as possible to a minimum level of at least 500 to 1,000 initial resources indexed. (Click the search button in the sidebar, or below, on mobile, to see the current count.) 

Volunteers with experience in any of the topics mentioned above are warmly invited to help; contact us here.